Semiconductor Equipment Support & Training
High Level CSE Maintenance Training Programs

Our training programs deliver instant return-on-investment (ROI) and enables FAB to take back control of your metrology equipment. Training programs have been specifically designed for busy Fabs and provides all you need to sustain your metrology equipment for very long periods of time without external service support.
Maintenance training is to CSE level (customer support engineer) and covers all hand-on calibrations, system diagnostics and fault finding. Classes include:

- Detailed machine maintenance manuals written by us - free for any OEM intellectual property concerns
- Maintenance or optical tooling needed for key alignments - free from any OEM intellectual property concerns
- After training support by phone or email using detailed POA's (Plan of Action)
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KLA Tencor Overlay: 5300 / Archer / A200 / A300 / A500
KLA Tencor Brightfield: 235X  / 236X / 28XX
KLA Tencor Darkfield: AIT 2 / 3 /  XP  / UV  /  XUV
KLA Tencor Defect: SP1 / SP2
KLA Tencor Darkfield: PUMA 91XX / 95XX / 98XX
KLA Tencor Thin films: ASET F5x / FX100 / FX200
KLA Tencor Macro: Altair / Viper
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