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Spare Parts

Considering the OEM's business model and the high cost of spare parts, developing cost competitive solutions for parts was seen early on as a key capability needed to succeed as an alternative service provider.

Below is a snap-shot of our spare parts capabilities, we are continuously developing our spare parts solutions as a priority. For confidentiality reasons we ask customers to contact us for further details regarding parts availability and pricing.
KLA Tencor Overlay: 5300 / Archer / XT /  AIM+
Full capabilities and all machine parts, Schneeberger & ETEL stages, FRM's rebuilds plus full tool refurbishment capabilities
KLA Tencor Darkfield: AIT 2 / 3 /  XP  / UV  /  XUV
Full capabilities on UV platforms, lasers, all optical assemblies, plus full tool refurbishment capabilities.
Models 2/3/XP - Key part capabilities such as lasers and certain PCB and optical assemblies
KLA Tencor Brightfield: 235X  / 236X
Most key parts, power modules, SBD PCB repairs, stage refurbishments, image and system PCs
KLA Tencor Defect: SP1 / SP2
Full optics and laser capabilities, selection of PCB's and other critical machine parts
KLA Tencor Thin films: ASET F5x / FX100 / FX200
Most key parts including stage refurbishments, lamps and optical components
KLA Tencor Darkfield: PUMA 91XX / 95XX / 98XX
Mid level capabilities including laser refurbishments and a selection of key parts currently build on these capabilities (Q2 2016)
Handlers: Equip / Brooks / Yaskawa / Kawasaki
Full capabilities, a selection of units held internally with remaining solutions provided through via partner robot specialists
KLA Tencor XYT Stages
Expert level refurbishment capabilities on all KLA Tencor air and mechanical stages
Please contact us for any KLA Tencor spare parts request